Your Farmers


Together, Taylor Barker and Arielle Luckmann own and operate Waxwing Farm. We both work full time on the farm, and share the responsibilities of all the diverse ins and outs of running a small farm business, from field work to bookkeeping.

When not on the farm, Arielle is a fiddle player, loves to take walks, studies birds, cooks, sings, speaks french, and will always say yes to camping. She came to farming after five years in the city of Chicago. Find some of her music at

Taylor has worked on vegetable farms in Western Washington since 2012. He previously worked planting native plants and building things.  Taylor is a fan of plants in general, large breakfasts, and living in the estuary of the Skagit river.

To learn more about us and our farm, here is a recent story from the Skagit Valley Herald. We were honored to be featured and hope you enjoy.

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